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Blotched Kings!
(L.Getula Goini)
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If you are a resident of the Upper Florida Keys,
then you can get most exotic pet supplies from us.
We will get you the best price on and off the island!  
That's right! We are competitive with PetCo in Homestead and
Foster&!  We cater to all types of exotic pets.

We also offer
free local shipping on orders of $35.00 or more
to the North Florida Keys region, which includes
Ocean Reef to Islamorada
(area codes 33036 and 33037 specifically).
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Just choose "In-Store Pickup" during checkout in the shipping
section and it will be delivered
to your front door, home or office, for Free!
See our
"Locals Only" page for more details.

Do you breed reptiles and need an outlet to sell them?
Do you have a reptile that you want to get rid of or trade in?
Come talk to us - we offer trades, credit and take abandoned herps!
Did you find a reptile locally? Is it exotic or invasive?
Call us for more information and options.
Free delivery over $35 in the Upper Florida Keys!

Throughout history, many reptiles and other
animals have come to these islands and have
begun an evolutionary change, adapting
to life on small islands. These changes include
developing distinct pattern, color,scale count,
and size changes.
We specialize in the captive breeding
of locale-specific, genetically sound
Florida Keys subspecies.
Chain of islands located at the southern tip of Florida